Sunday, May 22, 2016

22 May 2016 - Trinity Sunday - Consecration of Bishop Igor Djurcik to be Bishop of Serbia and Macedonia

The consecration of Bishop Igor went very very well today. I got only a couple of pictures, which I will send tomorrow in the hotel breakfast room which has better wi-fi reception, faster for sending. Bishop Igor was only a few minutes late, a bit of a habit of his, but not too late. We went to his flat to pick up the snacks and food for the consecration party! Then we went over to the church and began to prepare and set up, and wait until it begun. The service went very well. I did the opening collect, the first gospel reading, the Prayer for the Confession of Sins and the first after communion prayer. Afterwards, we had a lot of food, and I got to talk with a new person called Slavisha, he was extremely funny and very nice. We got pictures with the orthodox seminary students who attended, met some of the youth music group. After we had the pictures, Mirasov’s wife, Vera came up to + Jerry and I and insisted we eat and drink. I think the Serbian Anglicans have got our concept of snacks down very well!

I talked with a couple of people and Miraslov and Vera’s daughter Sara, who is very very nice, about my age and pretty, about a wide amount of stuff. Her mom Vera noticed that I had eaten all of my snacks while talking to Sara, so she got me a couple of plates of snacks and drink. While she doesn’t speak much English, she has spoken all she knows. I told Sara I would work on my Serbian for next time.  Bishop Jerry and I had a very good time with everyone. We had dinner at the McDonald’s just near our hotel and I am getting ready for the day tomorrow, the flight to Skopje!

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