Thursday, January 28, 2010

Into the City and Departure

Hi All!

Yesterday, I went into the city with Paul to buy some gifts for the folks back home. After the shopping, we ate at an Asian resturant called Angkor Cafe. Then we went home and hung out for a little bit and waited for Emma to come back. Then, I went food shopping with Emma and had a very great time talking with her!

Then we came back, and we got a couple of movies, one for Emma and Eve, and one for Jack and I. The movie for Emma and Eve was "The Management", a romantic comedy, and the movie for Jack and I was "GI Joe: THe Rise of Cobra", a very good movie. We watched the GI Joe movie, had dinner, then watched the rest of the movie then went to bed.

Today, I shall be leaving the Langstaffs' for America. I will leave the house at 9 o'clock or so, then head to Perth. I'll get on the plane and leave Perth around ten to midnight, and I will arrive in Sydney at 7:05 SYD time. Then I will leave SYD at 11:25 and fly to LAX, where I will arrive at 6:10 PST!

Thanks for tracking this blog, I shall blog when I get back tomorrow morning!

Posh Kandaroog

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Margaret River Chocolate Factory and Chillaxing

Hi All!

I went to the Margaret River Chocolate Factory today in Swan Valley with the Langstaffs! I got to taste free samples of the cookie and cream chocolate that went in the reject pile! (Don't worry, they tasted just fine!), then we had panini sandwhiches at the Factory for lunch, and Jackal and I had vanilla milkshakes with it. Then we went over to the Oggie's Cafe to have ice cream, I had cream caramel, and Emma gave me her berry sorbet.

Then we came home and I have been watching movies ever since, James Bond Die Another Day and now Raiders of the Lost Ark!

The picture is from the Factory!

Posh Kandaroog

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My debut at Cricket! Also a long day!

At a 39th Birthday Party, I played my first game of cricket! I apparently did very well for a first timer and a Yank at that! We had a great time at the party playing Band Hero that I did not want to leave!  Then we went to King's Park with the Stewarts, whom it turns out I am related to, a long ways back on my mother's side!

We watched the Australia Day fireworks, which were very impressive! When we got back home, it was about 9:30, and for a change I am going to bed fairly early!

G'night mates,

Posh Kandaroog out

Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy Australia Day and Party Advisory!

Hi All!

Where I am, today is Australia Day! The day that the first settlers came to Australia, in Botany Bay actually! I wish to advise you that after this, there may not be a lot of blogging for the day, as I am going to a party or two starting at one, then dinner, then the fireworks at 6:30 or so, then back to the party, and then back home!

So, G'day mates!
Posh Kandaroog

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Big One! Church, Aussie BBQ, and water tube fun!

Hi All!

Posh Kandaroog here! I just got back from going to The Great Escape, a water slide park, and the beach! I went on the scariest slide which was pitch black with a drop similar to Splash Mountain!

The day before this though, I went to church and Fr. Trevor was on vacation.  So, Fr. Adam Lang, the chaplain from Jack's school officiated Holy Communion. His style was more like Fr. Acker's then Fr. Trevor, so I felt comfortable with him.

Then I went home with Jack's friend Gareth, and we played video games on the xBox until it was time to go to the Langstaff's BBQ at 1500. We got there, and we played Nerf gun wars, and then we played xBOX, had dinner, then played Rock Band for 3-4 hours.  Then at approx 11:30pm, we went for a midnight swim, and then I got out, dried off, took a shower, had a hot chocolate and went to bed at 2:00 in the morning!

Long day, thus the longer post. This is a summary of a long day and a half. Sorry for the delay! I will get a picture from the water slide and the BBQ up later, but for now, I'm off to play Rock Band!


A Question of Merit for the Posh Kandaroog

Dear Posh Kandaroog,,

Is it true the reason there is no post of church activities and the sermon is that the mild BBQ degenerated into an all night - all might party?

The world awaits your answer!

Rodentking OUT

Friday, January 22, 2010

The Maze and Mini Golf and Koalas, Oh My!

Hi All!

Posh Kandaroog here. I went to The Maze (, and got to see some Koalas before entering the Maze! I have seen Koalas before many times, but this was the first time I got to stroke one!

After the Koalas, we went to navigate the Maze, we had to find four poles, red, blue, white, yellow and green, and then climbing the "Temple of Enlightement." This was apparently a ritual that an Aztec ruler used to recruit his warriors! Jack and I raced Eve and Paul to find the four poles and climb to the top of the Temple of Enlightenment! Once there, we grabbed an empty potato sack and went down the large slide!

Then we played a game of mini golf! I tied for second place with Eve, with Jackal coming in first! Not bad for my first mini golfing in quite some time! We then went home and had sandwiches and we have been chilling ever since! For dinner we had enchiladas and fries, which made me not miss the Burrito Ministry quite so much! Then for dessert we had triple flavors of ice cream, caramel, vanilla and chocolate! Yum!

We shall chill for a few more hours before going to bed!

Night all,
Posh Kandaroog

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Hi All!

I went to the Fremantle Prison today (just visiting, don't worry), and got to see what an Australian prison was like in the old days!

Needless to say, I will not be headed for a cell anytime soon! I was chosen to re-enact a flogging, hence the picture below. When Moria, the tour guide asked me if I would like to do something, I agreed, not having any idea of what I was to do!

We then headed to Joe's Crab Shop for lunch. I had crabsticks and fries for lunch! Yum! Then we got pictures next to a statue of Bon Scott (The lead singer of AC/DC) who coincidentally was once an inmate at Fremantle Prison, and lived in Fremantle.

We headed home, and I played Rock Band on the PS3, and Call of Duty 2 on my laptop. A reader asked about the service and sermon on Sunday. I can not tell you what the sermon was, as I was not present for the sermon *gasp*, but I went to Sunday School with Jackal, and I painted a jar, and cut out a scripture verse to put inside.

Then I came back for communion, and church was very fun like usual! I am glad the reader reminded me, as I forgot to blog about it, and I am truly sorry. I'll make sure that I blog about church this Sunday.

*By the way, Jailbreak is an AC/DC song, which was the band that Bon Scott was in*

Posh Kandaroog

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Day Out on Swan River!

Hi All!

Today I got to go out, along with Blake, Jackal, and the Stewart Girls and Paul and Emma, onboard their boat! We hooked it onto the trailer at about 8:30, and set out somewhere around 9 or so. We went to Matilda Bay, and loaded the boat (A Mariah SX-18 for the curious) into the water. We started out crusing around the Swan River, looking at Perth's skyline. Then we went "Biscuit-boarding", after a short stop at the beach. For the curious, a picture is included of me biscuit boarding at about 30-35 m.p.h or so.

Then we came back after more biscuit boarding, then we got some ice cream, headed home and had some snacks and hot dogs for lunch. Then we will have dinner, then perhaps more Rock Band!

More to come later,

Posh Kandaroog

Monday, January 18, 2010

Heat Wave!

Hi All!

I apologize for the lack of updates, but when it has been an average of 104+ outside, you don't feel like blogging! So, I have been usually chilling inside, playing xBox with Jackal, or out swimming in the pool! I will blog more later, but for now, just a quick update!

Posh Kandaroog

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Hi All!

Not too much to say, except that today was mostly chillaxing in the pool. We dropped Jack off at his friends house for a sleepover, and picked up two friends of Eve's, Steph and Lauren, who are exceedingly nice by the way, over to our house for swim. After swimming, we played Rock Band, and then the friends' mother came and picked up the girls and Eve, who is going over for a sleep over.

So that is how we came to be temporarily Jack and Eveless. With Paul at work, dinner was very quiet but delicious!

Tomorrow, I will be going to see the Fremantle Prison, and picking up Jack and Eve!

Posh Kandaroog out.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We've struck it rich! GOLD!!!

We went to the Perth Mint today! It was lots of fun, we got see see gold nugget pieces, similar to the ones below. The only difference is the ones in the picture are just copies of the real thing. Still awesome though ;). Then we got to see gold being poured, which was sweet! After the Mint, we walked over to Jackal's favorite comic store and perused the comics.

Then we went to Dragon Seafood and had Dim Sims, which are little plates of Chinese food items that you can pick! Man, I stuffed myself! Then we had desserts, which were the best desserts I have ever had out!

We then went home and we are just chilling out, perhaps a little bit of the Gaps or the Wallabies after dinner :)

Ta ta for now,
Posh Kandaroog

Monday, January 11, 2010

Koalas at Yanchep!

Hi All!
Posh Kandaroog here! Yesterday, we drug ourselves out of the house and went to Yanchep Lagoon to have a hearty meal of Fish and Chips. Next, we went to Crystal Cave, a 13 meter deep cave. It was very beautiful and interesting. Not as impressive as Carlsbad Caverns, but still it was impressive. Then we headed over to the Koala Walk and saw the Koalas.

Then we headed home and just rested around and watched a James Bond movie, You Only Live Twice.

Today, we are headed to The Pinnacles near Cervantes, a natural land formation. Here is a link for your viewing pleasure:

Posh Kandaroog out.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Baptism at St Mark's

This is a picture I took of a Baptism that occurred at the Anglican Church I attended, St Mark's. The priest is Archdeacon Trevor Burt, a pleasant fellow. The service outline was different as it was the 9:45 family service, but it still stayed true to the 1662 BCP prayers.

After church, we went and dropped Jack off at his friend Gareth's house, and Eve also went to Garteh's house.

We then went and visited the Langstaff's friends, the Martinovichs,  who are moving to Tasmania in a year from now about. Then we went  home, returned some DVD's, then went home and hung out, and then we went over to Garteh's. Gareth spent the night at the house last night,  and as we speak, he and Jack are playing a game on the xBox.

Posh Kandaroog out.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kings Park and rest!

Hi All!

Posh Kandaroog here! We went to Kings Park today. Jackal and I got to ride in Paul's Renault Megane hard top convertible, blasting AC/DC out of the speakers! We headed to King's Park. We walked around, and walked along a glass bridge, and saw a war memorial for the Australians from Western Australia. We then got back in the cars and headed back, had lunch, then went and hung out near a small pool, then went and got ice cream.

I had Old English Toffee ice cream, then Eve gave me the rest of her chocolate MILO scoop shake. I then went back with Emma and Jackal and Emma. We went and got gas, and rented a couple of movies. Jack picked Aliens vs Predators, a scary sci fi fiction about Alien creatures and these things called Predators. It was a very good, except lots of alien gore! It actually was scary in a good way, and it wasn't as bad as I had thought.

I also watched a movie with Eve called College Road Trip about a girl going to college. Then we played Rock Band, then I had spicy teriaki chicken. After dinner we will watch a movie called Bandslam, about school teens who form a Rock Band.

All in all it was quite a busy day.

See you later,

Posh Kangaroo

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jack and Eve's final swim lesson + shopping

Hi All! Posh Kandaroog here!

I got up this morning at 7:00 Perth Kangaroo time, and I chatted with my mum and dad, and then the Langstaffs got up, and I played Rock Band with Eve for a little bit.

Then we got ready and headed to their swim lessons. Afterwords, we headed home and Jackal and Eve changed into clothes, and we went and dropped them over at their friend's house. Then we dropped Paul at home, and then Emma and I went shopping for Australia clothes. I got a t-shirt, and a jersey, and a hat that have Austrailian things on it.

I also got word that Yanchep Stables where I was supposed to ride, has been closed for two years! But, I might get to do a trail ride!

That is all for now,

Posh Kandaroog

Rockin' out at Hilarys

Jack and Langy rocking out on location at Hilarys, WA, AU.

A Visitor and Movies

Hi All!
Posh Kandaroog here! I got to meet Father Trevor, the priest of St. Mark's Anglican Church, which I will be attending on Sunday. He was a very nice fellow! Then we went to Jack and Eve's swimming lesson. They both did amazingly well, then we came home and played Rock Band some more! The Wallabies are headed more places!

Then we went to Hilarys, and swam around, and jumped off the jetty! We then rested for a bit, had lunch, then we had gelato. I had Cream Caramel gelato which was very creamy and caramely. It was very good!

Then we went back to the beach, and Jack and I dug a large hole. We covered it back up when we left.
When we got back we had a little swim in the pool, then I took a shower and changed into my PJ's. Then we will have tea, and we will be  meeting family friends of the Langstaffs, then head on up to the drive-in cinema. I will put up pictures later.

Posh Kandaroog

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Quiet Day and Full Day

Hi All!

Yesterday, it was mostly hanging around the house, aside from Jack and Eve's swimming lessons and Jack's dentist appointment. We have been continuing to work on the Wallabies earning more money.

Today, the priest of the Langstaff's church, St. Marks, is coming around at 10 o'clock today for morning tea. After he is done, we're off to Jack and Eve's swimming lessons. Then in the evening we are going to the drive in to see Avatar.

I will put up pictures later as soon as I get a card reader.

Posh Kandaroog

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lammingtons are the best dessert ever!!!

G'day Mates!

Posh Kandaroog here! I have been having the most delightful dessert ever, called the Lammington! It is like a cake, with two soft pieces with cream in the middle. I have attached a picture for your edification! Got through a really tough level in Rock Band last night thanks to these pups!

Posh Kandaroog out!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Before The Wallabies, it was Jack and The Jackal

You know, it wasn't always this way, fame and fortune.  I can well remember before The Wallabies became famous.  The pair played the United Kingdom, mostly in the north around York.  They played under  a different nome de guerre, Jack and The Jackal.  The two played in various places, all small, all trendy.  We caught them at a quaint little place in Huttons Ambo!  A private party at the home of a wealthy, but demented, young couple.  Right then, we knew they (Jack and The Jackal) would be famous (not the young couple, they would end up institutionalized, no doubt).  Sadly, it appears Jack and The Jackal have abandoned their classic band name for a trendy Australian name; The Wallabies.  Who ever tied a Wallaby down Clyde? and there's his hide hanging on the wall, Paul.  Anyway, they are famous, gigs in Paris.  And me, I am still driving the Daihatsu Nursery Truck!

Rodentking OUT

The Wallabies!

Today, The Jackal (Jack L), or perhaps just Jackal, and I started to play Rock Band, a band simulation game.  We named our band "The Wallabies".  Oddly enough, we were an instant hit in the smoky underground pubs with our loud explosive music. Our greatest achivement was getting a van to magically traverse the English Channel.  Right now we are touring Paris.

*This is simulated, this is not real, if you were expecting to see The Jackal and me in Paris nightclubs performing, you'd be sadly disappointed.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Cannonball! My first full day at Perth!

I survived my day on the plane and did arrive safe in sound at the Langstaff's yesterday! I got up this morning at 6:30 Perth time, and joined the Langstaffs for a breakfast that consisted of pancakes and tea. I went shopping with Paul for necessary food items, riding in his awesomely cool Renault Magne hard top convertible, the first hard top convert I have ever ridden in. I then went for a swim in the pool with Jack and we did about 35 or so cannonball off of their deck!

After mid noon tea, we will head down to the beach and hang out there for an hour or two, then come back to Western A. O (Western Area of Operations)

The Posh Kanda Roo

I made it!

The Virgin Blue flight was only 5 hours.  Peace of cake, as Moggy said.  We landed on Runway 21, winds 240° at 7 knots, 39°C, that is C as in Centigrade.  The thing to remember is 20-30 is good and 39 is not between 20 and 30.  It is outside the good range and inside the HOT range.  I figured it out and it is 102.2°F.  That is too hot, I will just go back to thinking it is outside the good range and inside the HOT range.  Feel better.

The landing time?  1340L

24 hours to the minute after I boarded Delta 17 at Terminal 5 in LAX, I stepped off Virgin Blue 557 in Perth.  24 hours and 16 time zones!  It is 8 hours from now, but yesterday, at home.  I have missed the second of January.  It is gone, forever gone!  On the other hand, I will get a time refund to use on the return trip.

The Langstaffs are here to meet me.  What a site for sore eyes!  Speaking of sore eyes, that is about the only part of me that is not sore.  I feel like weasel spit.  Not only am I perilously short of sleep, but I have a sore throat, a cough and the like!  I bet the Langstaffs are looking to see if I have a curly tail!  (Swine flu).

Anyway, nothing that 24 hours of continuous sleep won't put right.

Posh Kandaroog Out

Saturday, January 2, 2010

In Sydney at Virgin Blue

Well, I made it to Sydney in Eastern Australia, through customs and back through security (without the drama of LAX).  The hint to take a taxi between terminals was a great one.

The Delta flight was a long one, 14 hours and 20 minutes.  I sat with Patty and David (not the ones from the office!) a mom and son about my age who were very nice.  My seat mates were envious of my noise canceling headset.  It even worked on the screaming baby!  I got to talk to Peter a bit more.  Delta had great movies, so I really did not even need my iPod!  Dinner and breakfast, what more could you ask?

Here in Sydney, I got a chance to see two of Qantas' A380s.  Boy, are they huge!  Monsters.  But, after this flight, I was thinking Sonic Cruiser.

When I landed, I could not make an international call with my Rebelfone (piece of weasel spit that it is), so I called Paul.  Paul called Mom and Pop on iChat.  All is well.

Another hour and I'll be boarding for Perth!

Rodent Kandaroog Out

Up, Up and Away

Even though we celebrated the New Year on Newfoundland time, we got up late this morning, late for us anyway.  Mom was up at 0600, me at 0700 and Pop at 0730.  But, we made it to Victoria Chapel in time for almost all of Morning Prayer and all of Holy Communion, of course!  Then, back home to finish packing.  Got it all done and left to get the travel documents notarized.  Rats!  We forgot Mom's purse, back home.  On the way home, we remembered we forgot SkyPuke.  Good thing we went back or SkyPuke would have missed the trip.  Back on the road.  We stopped at the Pattons' for Mom and Pop to pick up a bass guitar for John Young to play on this Sunday while I am gone. Rats, again.  I really wanted to play with him.

Anyway, it was an uneventful drive to Los Angeles International Airport, KLAX or LAX for travelers.  We were going to eat dinner at The Proud Bird, but it was closed by the time we got there.  So, we are at In-N-Out.  Have you ever eaten at a place full of Rose Bowl attendees and Asia Travel Company people?  I've never been to such a full place.

Anyway, to the airport.  The security line was about 700 people long, luckily Pop knew a way that had three people in it.  Unfortunately, he forgot to remove his pocket knife until he was emptying his pockets.  Fortunately, I was able to hand it back to Mom who was not going through the line.  All's well that ends well.

While we were waiting to get on board, I met a young fellow about my age named Peter from Kentucky.  He had a Glenn Beck book and a lovely leather NIV Bible.  Interesting fellow to talk to and we ended up with aisle seats in the same row - 54!

Pop intercepted the IRO getting on the aircraft and asked him if he knew our friend Chuck G, a Delta Captain.  We checked with him ahead of time and Chuck said he knew at least one of the crew.  Scott said he did, but not well (obviously it was the other guy), but he invited me to the cockpit.

Airborne a bit late, but should be in Sydney, that would be YSSY, ahead of schedule.

More later!

Rodent Kandaroog Out