Thursday, December 31, 2009

Packing and Preparation - Launch Time approaches!

Today, we got most of the final packing done.  Mom has been working on paperwork, powers of attorney and the like.  I have been charging my various power units.  I had a great ride today on Cupcake, a fitting last ride of the year!  It seems as if I am starting to get it!

Tonight is New Year's Eve.  We celebrated by having dinner, a wonderful beef stroganoff, with ice cream for desert.  We will likely stay up to ring in the New Year on Newfoundland time, probably not East Coast time.

Tomorrow is the first church service of the year, the Eighth Day of Christmas when we celebrate the Circumcision of Christ on His eight day of life as is the custom of the Jews.  The service will be at Victoria House and should be fun.

I am not sure what else we will do, probably not all the things we should, then off to Los Angeles Airport, or KLAX for those in the know!

Happy New Year

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The preparation begins

Today Mom and I packed my big suitcase.  All that is left is to put my Toothkit and razor inside and that is ready to go.  I think perhaps I may make an inventory to make sure I know what I have.  That might help when I head home, too!

Tomorrow ride at Horse of the Sun for the last time until February 2010.  The horse I ride there, Cupcake, will certainly miss our riding and the carrots in particular.  I will miss riding and working with my instructor Ryan.  There was supposed to be a Free Teen Guitar Class Jam Session at Albertsons tonight, but that canceled due to rain.  We got rain, that is good, but I wish it would have waited a few hours!  Last Sunday was Dad's birthday, so I did not have Taekwando lessons with Instructor Scott.  Thus, no Taekwando until February.

Tomorrow the computer carry-on case which will double as a home for all of my electronics and the guys!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Trip!

My good friend Mrs. Kay Denton, known to all as Mrs. Kay, of York, UK, has a son Paul Langstaff. Paul has a family; his lovely wife Emma, well named son Jack and very smart daughter Eve who I met while visiting Mrs. Kay. They were very nice and we hit it off right away. Paul and his family immigrated to Perth, Australia a few years ago. This spring, they came to visit the States for a month. We met them in Las Vegas and they stayed with us about a week. When they left, they asked if I might come to visit them this summer vacation. I said, "Sure, that would be fun!" Well, it may be Winter here, but it is Summer there and I will be leaving for Perth this Friday night for a whole month Down Under. I am really looking forward to seeing the Langstaffs. I will miss riding, guitar, work and church. Fortunately, the Langstaffs are also Anglicans, so I will be able to go to church. Paul has a guitar, so I think he will let me play it a bit. All that is left to miss is riding and work. I can hack that! Plus, I will miss Mom and Dad, but at least I can iChat with them every day.

More on my preparations later.

Posh Kandaroog? Paul's step-sister Samantha was absolutely convinced that Skippy was not a Bush Kangaroo, but a Posh Kandaroog. Who am I to argue the point?